simon woodhouse

A random insight into the origins of some of Simon’s dishes. Using ingredients that are fresh and to hand is the cheapest, easiest and most exciting way of cooking. Like the times he’s barbequed sea bass, having caught it off the back of his boat and added some choice sprigs of rosemary from a bush at his local airport to flavour it.

Grilled sardines and impressing Michel Laroche, the ultimate name in Chablis

Whilst filming the Floating Kitchen I had the tremendous opportunity and good fortune of meeting and cooking for Michel Laroche, arguably France's most esteemed producer of Chablis wine. My challenge was to cook three dishes and match them to three Laroche wines one of which was the Grand Cru.

The Chablis is a razor of a wine, easily cutting through the acid of oily fish so I chose to cook grilled sardines with polenta, basil and balsamic vinegar. Thank goodness my instincts were correct. The wine complemented the fish perfectly and Mr. Laroche approved.

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